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Registered Debt Counsellors NCRDC1528 and NCRDC1834

Credit Counselling and Debt Management Solutions

Manage your debt. Improve your credit. Then enjoy peace of mind.

We will help you pay your debts by negotiating lower monthly payments and interest rates which will meet the creditors approval.

You can do it with C&M Debt Counsellors. Through our professional credit counselling services and debt management programs, you can put your finances in order and rid yourself of worry.

In fact, no matter what kind of debt problems you face, we can help.


About us
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Why Choose Us?

We manage and operate a small but professional business who know and respects each clients situation, so you are not just a number but our client.

90% of work is done by a registered debt counsellor and only minimum admin duties are performed by admin clerks.

You have immediate communication with a debt counsellor and queries and problems are processed within 24 hours. All telephonic calls are monitored by a debt counsellor, so that if problems arise, it can be dealt with effectively.

Over the years we have built up good relationships with creditors which enhances our negotiating skills. 

We are a member of DCASA (Debt Counseling Association of SA) DCASA0349
All DCASA members subscribe to a Code of Conduct, ensuring high ethical standards that will maintain the integrity of the Debt Counselling industry.