Why use a debt counsellor?
Debt Counsellors are registered and regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to assist consumers who are having trouble with their debts. We negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf to get you a manageable debt payment plan that you can afford.

How do I know this is right for me?
If you are struggling to make your monthly payments or don’t have any cash left at the end of the month, then a debt review could be your best option for reducing your debt payments. Your debts are repaid in a controlled manner at a rate you can afford.

I am in a relationship.  Must my partner register as well?
If you are married, in Community of Property (COP), you and your spouse must be registered. 
If you are married with an Anti-Nuptual Contract (ANC), only one partner can register, although your partner's income is considered as both parties share household expenses and you will be able to pay off your debt quicker if both parties partake. 
If you are in a relationship, but not married, it is similar to being married with an ANC - you can register only one partner.

Can I apply for a debt review if I am unemployed?  
One of the most important requirements for debt review is being able to prove that you can pay your creditors a reasonable amount. You will unfortunately not be able to go under debt review if you do not have an income.
If your partner is employed, you could apply jointly under one application.

What should I bring to my credit counselling session?
To prepare for your consultation, and have more time to ask your counsellor questions, gather and bring:

  •     your ID document
  •     your most recent credit card statements
  •     your current payslip or proof of income
  •     questions for your counsellor
  •     any correspondence you’ve had with collection agencies
  •     a list of your monthly living expenses (such as rent, insurances, food, utilities, gas, clothing, gifts, etc.) and income sources pay, alimony, interest, dividends, child support, and so on).

Is it debt consolidation?
No. Existing credit agreements is re-arranged and payments are re-negotiated with creditors. It is NOT another loan.

Is it the same as being put under administration?
No. Administration only applies to people whose total debt does not exceed R50, 000 and is much more costly. We aim to achieve a debt-free status within five years.

Is this a Loan?
No we do not lend you money. This is a payment plan allowing you to repay your debts back in affordable installments

Will my details be sent to the Credit Bureaus and my Creditors?
Yes. Upon completion of your application, all credit bureaus and creditors will be advised that you have applied for a debt review. We will then update the credit bureaus depending on the outcome of your applciation.

Can I apply if I am in arrears or blacklisted?

Can I apply if I already have judgements?
You can still contact us. Please however ensure you provide us with all the details of your situation.
If a summons or legal notice in terms of section 129 of the NCA was issued before date of application, it cannot be included except if prior written permission was granted by the credit provider.
The legal process starts when a notice in terms of section 129 of the NCA has been sent to you.

Can you cover all my debts?
We deal with all your credit agreements (bond, car finance, credit card, store cards, personal loans, etc.), whilst making provisions for you to maintain your household bills etc.

Are there any accounts that do not get included?
Only credit agreements as defined in the National Credit Act may be included in the debt review process.
Accounts such as doctor and cell phone accounts are excluded.
Also excluded are accounts in respect of which legal action has been initiated (prior to your application for debt review) or where judgment and/or garnishee order(s) have been instituted.

Can I apply for credit or still use my credit cards etc., whilst under debt review?
No, unfortunately the act prohibits you from incurring any further credit while under debt review.
You will have to destroy all your cards and you will not be allowed to use your credit card.
… Section 88(1): “A consumer who has filed an application in terms of Section 86(10) for debt review must not incur any further charges under a credit facility or enter into any further credit agreement”.

Do my Creditors have to accept the rearrangement plan?
No. Your credit providers have the right to reject the rearrangement plan, and if this happens a magistrates order will need to be obtained.
Experience has shown that Creditors are likely to accept a reasonable offer that shows you are committed to get out of debt.

Can the creditors change their mind once this has been agreed?
No. As long as you maintain your agreed payment, they are not able to take further action.

How long does it take?
Once your application is approved, you are immediately protected.  Debt has to be re-arranged within 60 business days.
Thereafter payments are made according to the new payment plan.

How much will I have to pay each month?
The monthly payments are based around what you can realistically afford, having taken into account all of your day to day living costs.

Will my employer and work colleagues find out?
No. All your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

What would happen if, say within one year from now, I find myself in a better financial position? Would I be able to get out of this?
No, the payment arrangements will stay in place until all the debts have been settled in full.
However, you can amend your payment arrangements at any time in order to shorten the term of repayment (increase the payment, deposit bonuses, etc).

Once I’ve cleared all my debt will you remove my name from the credit bureau?
Yes. The Credit Acts states that once a clearance certificate is issued all records that you were subject to the debt review order must be removed within 5 business days

How can I apply?
You can contact us for a consultation and we will assist you with the process from start to finish.